Dustin Sandidge
Dustin's Family

Mr. Sandidge was appointed to the School Board in 2016. He now serves as the Board’s President which requires him to preside over meetings, sign contracts,and occasionally speak on behalf of the board when needed. He graduated from De Beque High School in 1999. Mr. Sandidge credits his mother Tami for being a great influence in his life. He feels it is “...important that everyone does their part and you should spend your time working on the things that matter most.” He, along with the rest of the School Board, are continuing to work on the District's three year strategic plan which they intend on completing by the end of the school year. He feels that woking on the School Board has been a great personal growth opportunity. He has come to appreciate alternative perspective which has required him to become a better listener. Mr. Sandidge is married and has four children they enjoy the outdoors, hunting, skiing, and spending time with friends and family.

Tia Koehler
Tia Koehler

Tia Koehler grew up on a cattle ranch in De Beque and graduated from De Beque High School in 2008. Tia and her husband currently co-own and operate a cattle ranch in the area. They have three children that attend the school district. Tia joined the board in 2020 and is excited to be able to be involved in helping the school reach its full potential. She understands the rural community and believes that the school should be at the heart of that. The education for all children is very important to Tia, and she hopes to help improve the education for current and future students.

Jodie Brackett
Jodie Brackett

Jodie Brackett was born and raised in Palisade Colorado to a mother dedicated to education and young minds, she learned early the value and importance of a quality education. Therefore Mrs. Brackett joined the De Beque School Board in 2019 where she could offer a diverse perspective and help collaborate and create a shared vision with the community and the board to help reach the schools goals and potential. Jodie and her husband help operate a family ranch up Roan Creek in De Beque alongside their 3 young boys that attend De Beque elementary. Family is the most important thing to Jodie and being involved in creating a foundation for children to grow in a community that acts as a family is an amazing opportunity.

Kaylea Graham
Kaylea and Her Family

Kaylea Graham is a proud parent of a student at De Beque School district along with having 4 amazing step children and a supportive husband. A business owner of multiple local ventures, and an active advocate for her community. As a native to the valley, she works tirelessly to ensure De Beque is a quality place for locals and guests to enjoy. She hails from a family deeply rooted in this valley with strong ties to the agricultural lifestyle and commitment to instill those values into future generations through education and hard work. Kaylea joined the school board in 2021 with the goal of contributing to the district for her children and the rest of the community. Championing to become leaders in education and athletics, Ms. Graham is excited to work alongside the district to provide better futures for all.

Travis Graham
Travis Graham
Public Procedures

The Board’s meeting time is dedicated to its strategic mission and top-priority focus areas. • Your insights are needed and welcomed and the board encourages you to meet with the most appropriate person among the district’s many leaders. • “Public participation” is an opportunity to present brief comments or pose questions to the board for consideration or follow-up. Each person is asked to focus comments to five minutes. The boundaries are designed to help keep the meeting focused and in no way should limit conversations beyond the board meeting. • The “consent agenda” is based around “need for action” decisions which are highly routine or backed by prior information/discussion. • If you are interested in helping the district’s achievement effort, please talk with any member of the administrative team or call the district office at 970-283-5596. Opportunities abound. Your participation is highly desired

Board Member Terms

President - Dustin Sandidge - 4 year term -Term expires 11-25

Vice President - Kaylea Graham - 2 year term - Term Expires 11-25

Secretary/Treasurer - Tia Koehler - 4 year term - Term expires 11-25

Director - Travis Graham - 2 year term - Term Expires 11-25

Director - Jodie Brackett - 4 year term - Term expires 11-25

Superintendent - Audra Lane