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Mission, Vision, Values, & Goals
Mission: De Beque schools will develop the whole child, through partnership with our parents and community. All students will be provided a safe learning environment to instill high standards of academic success, integrity, leadership, and responsible citizenship.

Vision: Ensure that all students are prepared for success by working with all relevant stakeholders to expect high student achievement, to provide excellent leadership, and to foster responsible citizenship, all within a framework of fiscal accountability.

Values: De Beque School District 49-JT is dedicated to Excellence, Community Service, Collaboration, Perseverance, and Innovation.

Goal: Our goal is to become a high growth, high achieving educational organization recognized by our community and the Colorado Department of Education.

Library Grant
Every year, the Colorado Department of Education accepts applications for the State Grant for Libraries. This program is available to any eligible publicly funded school and public and academic libraries to fund library materials. The purpose of the funds is for educational materials in libraries that support efforts to improve literacy and learning. We are pleased to announce that DeBeque 49JT is the recipient of $3500.00 this grant cycle. The District Accountability Committee will be leading the efforts to determine where the funds will be best used here at the school.
Winter Art show and Music consert
When the 5th grade Reading Honors Students went to the Escape Room in Grand Junction they had an amazing time. From learning how to work harder together to wanting to make there own escape room, the Honors Students’ really did learn teamwork, critical thinking, and so much more from the Escape Room. The 5th graders had planned on making their own escape room and hoped to get inspiration from the one they attended. They earned the privilege by working hard and blowing the iReady test scores away. They can not wait to put their escape room together and hope it is as much fun as the first one.