Safety Board

There is a safety board for the safety of the school. They meet to discuss if there is anything that they do to make the school safer if possible and if they need to change anything. The board consists of Audra Lane, Ronda Clark, Deputy Marshal Joel Korver, Jason Ryan, Melinda Lewis, and Ann Kuhlman, Maria Ramthun and Chella Davis. All of these people work at the school and help to make the school a safer place 24/7.

Asbestos Statement Updated 4/5/22

De Beque School District 49JT buildings, to the best of the knowledge of the contractors, were constructed with no asbestos containing materials.  Demolition of previous buildings and removal of material was conducted in accordance with the Asbestos Safety Management Plan.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the DeBeque School District 49JT offices by calling 970-283-5596.

Lockdown Information

During a lockdown all of the doors are supposed to be locked in the building and outside of the building. The students are to go to a corner of the classroom were they are not going to be seen and they are also supposed to lock their classroom doors and stay silent while the lockdown is in fect. The teachers are supposed to take roll of the students and they are also supposed to do the same thing as the kids when they are in the lockdown.The school remains under lock down until they here the code word that means to come out of the lockdown.

Lockout procedures

In a lockout the perimeter is secured and nobody comes into the school and nobody leaves the school. Inside the school it is business as usual like students still go to class the same way, the only thing that changes is that nobody goes outside of the school and nobody comes into the school during a lockdown. Teachers are to find all the students and the staff that are outside when the lockdown goes into effect. They are also supposed to increase situational awareness. They take roll, and account for all the students as make sure that they know were all of there students are all the time.

School Evacuation procedures

In an evacuation of the school the students are trained to leave their things behind them, take their phones with them, and form a single line to walk out the door. The teachers are trained to grab the roll sheet if possible, lead the students to the evacuation location, and take roll and account for all the students.

Shelter in place

This is used for when there is a tornado,hazmat,earthquake or a tsunami. When this happens students are trained to deal with it in the best way and use the appropriate hazards and use the safety strategies that are used in this situation.

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